Summertime salon marketing presents unique challenges as client schedules are disrupted with vacations, travel and school-age kids to entertain.

Increase engagement by meeting client needs with summery salon marketing promotions and perks.

The four P’s of traditional marketing are:

  • product (what you sell)
  • placement (vehicle for selling and positioning in the marketplace)
  • price (the cost of products)
  • promotions (sales and marketing, or how you attract and retain clients)

Defining these 4 P’s is marketing 101 for any business. You can take this same principle and apply it seasonally. For instance, last year we published an article on salon holiday marketing ideas that included four P’s unique to winter and holiday months. This time we’ll take a look at 4 more P’s of salon marketing, this time geared for the unique situations that clients find them in during the summer.

So what are the special circumstances that affect salon clients during summertime?

  1. Sun and surf

Clients may be spending more time outdoors during warm summer months in the sunlight with longer days as well as taking vacations to sunny destinations, swimming in pools, lakes and rivers, and more. Increased exposure to the great outdoors can impact their hair, scalp, skin, nails, etc.

  1. Schedules

Varying schedules due to vacations, family and friends who might be coming to town vacationing themselves, kids who would normally be in school being home, and other factors can impact the ability of salon clients to adhere to established appointment times and pre-booked appointments.

  1. Special occasions

Summer is often host to special occasions, including family and class reunions, weddings, anniversaries, and so on. Any one of these events can result in a client wanting to book an appointment so they will look their best.

  1. Significant changes

Summer is peak moving season, in part because many people with kids want to move during the summer to be ready for a new school year. More than 40 million Americans move annually, and more than half of those moves occur between May and September (Allied Movers). Not only does this mean that new prospective clients could be moving to your area every summer, you might also be losing clients and need to replace them to keep your book of business steady. In addition, new residents may be changing jobs and desiring a new, improved look to give them more confidence in landing a new position.

With that in mind, let’s talk about 4 P’s of summertime salon marketing that can help salon owners, salon suite lessees and booth renters attract new salon clients and build your book of business.

4 P’s of Salon Summertime Marketing for Salon Owners, Salon Suites and Booth Renters

  1. Prove it

You don’t want to lose a good client just because they need to change their appointment due to special situations that commonly occur during the summer. If your clients truly are #1 with in your book, prove it!

Send an email and SMS text marketing message to clients reassuring them that if they need to make a change in a pre-booked or standing appointment this summer, you’re ready to help them find a time that works for them. List any open time slots and invite them to reply back with an RSVP or request for appointment change.

If a client does contact you to reschedule an appointment, be accommodating. Don’t make the client feel as though they have done something wrong; instead, reassure them that they are important to you and look for a way to accommodate their scheduling needs. The client should never feel like you are the more important person in the relationship!

  1. Provide Recommendations

The environmental factors that impact client’s hair, skin, nails, scalp, etc., during summertime months mean opportunities for your salon to sell more services and salon retail. Use social media and email marketing to make recommendations to clients and personalize recommendations of add-on services and salon retail products during consultations.

  1. Promote Packages

The special occasions in your clients’ lives represent services that can help you build your book of business and make a name for yourself when it comes to party looks, wedding parties, mother of the bride and bridal looks, formal occasion looks for class reunions, and more.

Likewise, with kids going back to school in August and September, back to school haircuts and other services present a prime promotional opportunity for your salon, salon suite or for you as a professional booth renter.

New client packages, job-seeker makeovers and other special offers can also help you attract prospective clients among those who have moved during the summer and are new to your area.

  1. Perks

A lot of stylists and beauty professionals give small client thank you gifts during the holidays. Why not repeat this for your best clients during the summer, with a summer-themed client gift or free-with-purchase incentive item? In addition, and especially if summer months bring any kind of slowdown to your salon, consider extending extra perks in return for new client referrals. You can also reinforce interest in your summer-specific promotions and personalized recommendations with free or specially-priced add-ons, VIP pricing and other client perks.

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