9 Promotion Ideas for an Auto Service, Repair or Parts Business

The new car sales boom of the mid 2010’s means a lot of car owners have vehicles that might be needing service and repairs right now. Here are nine promotion ideas for automotive businesses.

New promotion ideas for auto service, repair and parts stores.

New car sales rose to pre-recession levels in August 2013, even ahead of the job-creating economic recovery that took hold after the 2016 election. That new car sales boom means a lot of people have 5 and 6 year old vehicles, automobiles that tend to need more service and repairs than newer models.

Now is the perfect time to come up with new promotion ideas to position your auto service, repair, parts or auto accessory store to be able to take advantage of demand for auto services. Here are nine marketing ideas that can put your auto service, auto repair, or auto parts and accessory business into growth mode.

9 Promotion Ideas to Grow an Auto Service, Repair or Parts Business

1. Network like crazy – even with competitors! Establishing even one strategic partnership with a dealership or by getting word of mouth referrals from salespeople at a new car dealership can put your auto service or repair business into position to gain scores of customer vehicles for regular maintenance, repairs or recalls.

2. Let local dealerships know you’re willing to take on overflow business or perform services or repairs when they are not profitable for them (and your business could be).

3. Do the work necessary to become officially-sanctioned by insurance companies for auto repairs, services or recall work.

4. Don’t wait for customers in need to come to you! Establish and maintain educational communications if you want to “be there” when customers need you. Focus time and resources on your website, email newsletters and social networks as well as periodic direct mail and traditional ad placements.

5. US consumers will accessorize and personalize just about anything! Cater to the enthusiasm of new car owners by selling and promoting innovative add-ons and personalized or unique car accessories.

6. Create a pre-paid or bundled package of services tailored just for new car owners (or owners of aging vehicles).

7. Provide free spot-checks of vehicle systems, especially for the owners of older cars or the owners of the vehicles your auto service business is best-suited to serve.

8. Live in a state with emissions or other vehicle compliance regulations? Offer a free spot-test or emission-prep service to vehicle owners before they go to the state testing facility.

9. Optimize your website, blog and other digital real estate. Consumers research local business options – including auto service, auto repair, and auto parts and accessory stores online before calling for an appointment or going to a brick and mortar location. It is vital that your website is properly optimized with the right keywords and phrases – the phrases your ideal buyer types would be using to find a business like yours online. And it is equally important that you have a website optimized for mobile search, especially if your business is one that someone would be searching for on – or off to the side of – the road!

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